Volunteer Trips

Seva Volunteer Trips is an initiative to help empower the children of our D2C Family Home and the local community through collaborative service projects funded by volunteers. Individuals are invited to Cayes Jacmel, Haiti upon raising a certain amount of funds to contribute to specific projects, as determined by D2C and the community.

2017 Dates

April 21-26     July 23-29    November TBD

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Project Description

This project offers you an opportunity to do seva, or selfless service in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. In the yoga philosophy, seva, is a Sanskrit word for the yogic practice in which one commits to service without compensation, for no reason other than to benefit the good of all. It is this project’s goal to raise money through volunteerism in which the participants will be able to contribute their efforts firsthand in the community of Cayes Jacmel, Haiti. You will be assisted with different ways to fundraise and reach the desired goal, securing you a spot on one of D2C’s Seva Trips. On the Seva Volunteer Trip you will be able to make a direct impact with your time and money to those desperately in need.

Our Seva Volunteer Trips are a way to inspire individuals to fundraise for D2C and to inspire people to travel to Haiti with us. This task alone is part of your journey in committing to the cause, and in turn, we found that the value of such an experience is increased through the challenge of fundraising. Participants on our trips will be able to experience local Haitian culture in Cayes Jacmel, visit the children living in our children’s home and work with the community on local projects. Participants will be able to meet with local community members for a better understanding of the many difficulties faced by the people of the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

But don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play… Cayes Jacmel is surrounded by lovely beaches and there will be plenty of  time to enjoy the beauty of Haiti. Group excursions to the infamous blue waterfall and the artisan galleries of Jacmel will be included in your trip.


How it works

You raise $1000 through various means of fundraising and savings ($500 for kids under 18). D2C will assist you with fundraising ideas and information on how to reach this goal. Choose the best trip dates that work with your schedule, and get ready to join the D2C team in Haiti! The trip cost per person is $650. This covers all ground expenses in Haiti; you will be responsible for your round trip ticket to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In addition to seva, selfless service, this is an opportunity to learn about another culture that is not often reported about, and travel to an area that has suffered incredible hardships but is vibrant with culture and beauty.

To learn more about our Seva Volunteer Trips, click here, or read a testimonial.

Click here to learn more and fill out our Seva application.

If you cannot join us in Haiti but would still like to fundraise, volunteer your time, or have a specific skill to share, please contact us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ~Mother Teresa