Kristin and all the kids

Happy Mother’s Day from Haiti

Today is Mother’s Day, and while these eight kids don’t necessarily have their own biological mothers to give thanks too, they do have Kristin. Five years ago Kristin O’Connell felt inspired to travel to Haiti and create Devoted2Children, and that’s exactly what she did. She traveled to Haiti alone, just one woman, and found these […]

Staff_Kristin and team

My New Life in Haiti

~ by Diane Gaillard, On-Site Director at D2C ~ A leap year and time for all those willing to make a leap of faith into their future, well at least that’s what I did. Yes, for the first time in eleven years, I leaped again and did what made me happy, I moved to Haiti.  […]


Rebuild Haiti

Five years have come and gone since the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. The 7.0 earthquake shook hard the small Caribbean nation, destroying infrastructure and lives. The Haitian government places the death toll at over 200,000, making the natural disaster one of the worst the contemporary world has seen. Despite more than $10 billion in humanitarian and development aid there […]

Haiti license plate

Just Another Day in Haiti

~ By Amber Charne, Temporary Director D2C ~ .5 for 5 – Just another day in Haiti I wouldn’t be in Haiti if all 5 of the tasks that we set out to do this morning were accomplished. Not one, but one half of one task got done! Now that’s more like it…Haitian style baby. […]