D2C Family Home

The D2C Foundation provides a long-term home and life-long family for children who were abandoned or orphaned. Our children will never be put up for adoption, but instead have been adopted into the D2C Family and are being brought up in a nurturing environment within their own community. In addition to care, shelter, nutritious food and clothing, the children are provide with the best available education to help support their future.

It is our belief that offering a more natural environment for the children will allow them to maintain a place in their communities. By attending school with other children and engaging in safe, healthy interaction with other community members, the divide that is so often created when children are raised in a segregated orphanage setting will be lessened. The success of our model is evident in the bonds that have been created between the children and caretakers in the our family home. The children show signs of emotional and physical growth as well as stability in incredible strides.


















“A family in harmony will prosper in everything.” ~Chinese Proverb