Sustainable Community Development

D2C is dedicated to improve the community in which our children grow and thrive. Many children in Haiti are unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the school entrance fees, tuition or uniforms, and many teachers work each and every day without any hope for a salary because the money simply is not there to give. In 2015, we kicked-off our D2C After School Tutoring Program which has quadrupled in the number of students served in a mere four-month period. The program focuses on providing children with different approaches to learning and increasing knowledge and self-confidence allowing for a 5 to 1 child-teacher ratio. The salary provided by D2C to the tutors is the main source of income that they receive even though all of them are active teachers in the Haitian school system. Because many see tourism as the road to development for Haiti, D2C will begin teaching students English in 2016 to provide a skill that will be highly marketable in the tourism industry.















“Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela