Children’s Yoga Initiative

The goal of the Children’s Yoga Initiative is to help the children of Haiti connect with their bodies, minds, and spirit through yoga and mindfulness

The D2C Foundation draws on the many scholarly studies that have shown the effectiveness of yoga and meditation in helping children. Many of the children in Haiti have experienced loss, trauma and poverty in their short lifetimes. Through yoga and meditation, D2C believes that we can offer the children tools for handling stress and the burdens of their lives, as well as help to heal those of the past. D2C offers yoga and meditation sessions to our children in the Family Home. Our After School Program starts with five minutes of mindfulness to help the children focus on the educational tools that will be presented to them. And, in 2016 D2C will hold our first summer camp at which children will be taught yoga, trained in mindfulness, as well as engaging in art, dance and music lessons. D2C also connects the children with yoga practitioners (or aspiring practitioners) through our Seva Trips during which participants engage in a yoga retreat in Cayes Jacmel, connect with our children in the Family Home and participate as volunteers in our after school tutoring program. Learn more about our Seva Trips.