The D2C Summer Camp takes place every July in Cyvadier, Haiti, near the D2C Family Home (this year it will be July 8-14). The D2C children and 80+ kids from the community take part in dance, art, music, yoga and mindfulness sessions. Our instructors at the camp are Haitian leaders who run their own small, entrepreneurial businesses in the community.
In addition, foreign volunteers travel to Haiti in order to help organize and provide logistical support for the summer camp.
The D2C Summer Camp has established vital partnerships in the area in an effort to create a wider impact. D2C is proud to be partnering with Lekol, a local not-for-profit school, and the Cyvadier Hotel, which donates a portion of all of their hotel revenue to Lekol. D2C believes that investing in these Haitian youth’s local economy is vital to improving their quality of life and providing future opportunities that can break the cycle of poverty.