The D2C Seva volunteer trips to Haiti are a special way for people to create a more personal connection with the D2C children and the community of Cayes Jacmel.
Seva is a Sanskrit word that means selfless service. This unique trip is part yoga retreat, part cultural immersion and part travel adventure. Open to all ages, it will interest yogis as well as people who want to work specifically with children and those passionate about helping others.
Our next trip to Haiti is July 8-14, 2018. We will spend time in the local village learning about the D2C projects, and take excursions to the beach, waterfall, and cultural center of Jacmel. Most importantly we will share time with the D2C children.
As a nonprofit organization supporting our D2C Family Home, we ask that each participant fundraise a minimum of $1000 ($500 for kids under 18). All money raised is tax deductible and used to support D2C. We encourage participants to reach this fundraising goal through a variety of ways and are here to help you accomplish this goal.
Upon reserving your spot on a Seva Trip, you will receive a fundraising manual that will help generate ideas on how to easily reach the minimum goal. The trip cost per person is $650. This covers all ground expenses in Haiti; you will be responsible for your roundtrip ticket to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
In addition to seva, selfless service, this is an opportunity to learn about another culture that is not often reported about, and travel to an area that has suffered incredible hardships but is vibrant with culture and beauty.