The Afterschool Tutoring Program is located at a private school in the community of Cayes Jacmel. The school – St Anne’s – once had 250 children who attended each year in grades K through 12. This number has significantly diminished over the past few years because parents are unable to afford the tuition and school fees.
Due to lack of funds, the principal is losing some of his best teachers because he is unable to pay his staff. He cannot provide lunch to the children, so they are left without a healthy hot meal during the day, since most families are unable to provide one.
Additionally, the school is in disrepair structurally. The vast majority of classrooms have corrugated metal walls and roofing, and are filled with broken chairs and tables.
Building upon the success of the Afterschool Tutoring Program, D2C wishes to partner with St. Anne’s to create the Devoted to Children School. A guiding directive of the school is that it should be Haitian run with the guidance of outside experts, as needed, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
English will be taught as a priority so that these students will have an advantage to working in the growing service industry with the recent increase in tourism throughout the local area.
There will be an opportunity for an English exchange program correlating with the D2C Seva Volunteer trips, thus providing hands-on experience for participants and creating cross-cultural relationships.