The D2C Family Home provides a long-term home and lifelong family for vulnerable and at-risk children who were abandoned, orphaned, or enslaved (restavek). In addition to loving care, shelter, nutritious food and clothing, the children are provided with the best available education to help support their future.
Unlike traditional orphanages, at-risk children are identified through local outreach and adopted into the D2C Family, but remain rooted in their community. They are raised immersed in their own culture and by local Haitian and Haitian American staff.
Rather than residing in an institution, the children and youth in the home are part of a supportive family that focuses on nurturing their physical and emotional growth. Moreover, the D2C Family Home places an emphasis and substantial resources in the formal education of each child as well as developing livelihood strategies that will provide economic stability and independence when they age out of the program.
The D2C Family home is run by a Haitian-American Director who oversees a staff of six Haitians from the Cayes Jacmel community. Currently, the D2C Family Home is caring for 8 children; with two beds always remaining open for emergency foster placement should the local government identify an at-risk youth in need of immediate shelter. The children who arrive as foster placements at the D2C Family Home are provided equal care and attention until reunification processes are completed. All D2C children attend school full time with fees and tuition covered by the D2C organization.