D2C initiated its Afterschool Tutoring Project in April 2015 to address the community’s critical educational needs and to create a wider socio-economic impact on more of the area’s children and youth. The project served 75 students in its first academic year and the community’s high estimation of the program resulted in a rapid increase in demand for the program. Currently, the Project serves more than 100 children from the Cayes Jacmel village community, including the eight D2C children living in the Family Home. The project is run out of St. Anne’s, a local school.
Prior to the implementation of the Afterschool Tutoring Project, D2C conducted community-based needs assessments to determine where and how it ought to invest its resources. Community stakeholders made it clear that educational support for young students was a priority for them.
The D2C Afterschool Tutoring Project addresses several gaps in the formal education children and youth receive in rural Haiti. Many of the students are unable to read and write at grade level due to fluctuations in attendance and teacher availability. Moreover, due to the fact that French is taught in school but Creole is spoken at home, most parents are unable to assist their children in completing their school work.
Currently, the D2C Afterschool Tutoring Project employs 10-12 tutors and a Director. Together they provide instruction on new ways to approach learning that will help lead to a productive future. Their focus remains on helping students succeed in their educational pursuits and advance into higher learning.