The D2C Foundation provides a long-term home and lifelong family for children who were abandoned or orphaned.
Our children will never be put up for adoption, but instead have been adopted into the D2C Family to be brought up in a nurturing environment within their own community. In addition to care, shelter, nutritious food and clothing, the children are provided with the best available education to help support their future.
It is our belief that offering a more natural environment for the children will allow them to maintain a place in their communities. By attending school with other children and engaging in safe, healthy interaction with other community members, the divide that is so often created when children are raised in a segregated orphanage setting will be lessened.
The success of our model is evident in the bonds that have been created between the children and caretakers in our Family Home. The children show signs of emotional and physical growth and incredible strides towards stability.
Kristin and all the kids

Meet the kids

SHEELOVE had been living with her elderly grandmother and two others in a room that would only fit a bed and a dresser. She was said to be six years old when she came to us, but looked and acted like a three or four-year-old due to malnutrition. Her mother died of AIDS and her father was unknown. Her grandmother had no income and although there was an uncle nearby, he did not work either and had been unable to help out. Although Sheelove had needed medicines for parasites and iron deficiency, her grandmother did not administer them.
Sheelove has a feisty but sweet personality. She loves to dance and perform and enjoys listening to stories.
ALYCHA was physically abused by her stepfather and her mother sent her away to live as a restevak. Her mother cared for her wellbeing but was not able to defend her child from her husband, and Alycha’s life was almost taken. Her mother brought her to us in desperation.
Alycha is eight years old and is a total ‘girly’ girl. She loves to play with dolls, dress up like a princess and do everyone’s hair.
Darwendy_adidas shirt
DARWENDY was abandoned by his mother several years ago after she left for the Dominican Republic, and his father was unknown. His grandfather had been leaving Darwendy in the house alone for extended periods of time as he worked all day in the fields. A Canadian man who came to Haiti to work on charity projects had been helping support him, but returned to return to Canada and asked that we take him into our home.
Dawendy is ten years old and is an excellent student! He loves animals and can often be found playing with his cat Fred.
REBECCA together with her sister were brought to us by her grandmother who was no longer able to care for them. She was leaving the sisters unattended for long periods of time. Upon arrival, Rebecca had some trouble walking because her knees were very turned in. After seeing a specialist, Rebecca has been doing exercises and wearing special corrective boots.
Rebecca is a shy five-year-old and is more of an observer. She is very artistic and can often be found drawing and coloring.
GLORIA arrived with her sister after her grandmother could no longer care for them and was leaving them unattended. Although she is the younger sibling, she is always looking out for her older sister Rebecca.
Gloria is one strong-headed four-year-old and has confidence that rivals the other children. She also cries easily, and has earned the nickname ‘crocodile tears’ as she seeks the attention brought by them.
Fednel with football
FEDNEL lived with his aunt, uncle and six cousins after his parents died when he was young. His aunt approached D2C in hopes of finding a better home for Fednel; she and her husband were having a very hard time supporting the family. Fednel and his cousins were attending school, but were removed from classes when they were unable to pay the $25 annual fee required to pass on to the next grade. D2C covered the cost of Fednel’s exams and supported his cousins, so they could all complete their exams and move forward with their schooling.
Fednel is thirteen and a typical teenager finding his independence. He is a great athlete and loves playing soccer.
FRANCISCO was brought to us by Social Services after he crashed the moto bike belonging to the man he was living with as a restavek. When D2C returned to his village, his grandparents were surprised to see Fransisco alive. Thrilled he was in school, they begged him never to return, as his mother had been extremely abusive to him.
Fransisco had never been to school before he came to D2C and was enthusiastic to begin at age 14. He was able to skip a grade and is doing well despite some learning disabilities. Francisco loves to work and is often the one doing the chores around the house. He enjoys music and making recordings.
DARWEN lost his single mother in childbirth and his grandmother was told to let him die as well, assuming he would never survive. But she fought to keep him and raised him on her own. As she grew older, it became more difficult to care for him and she was struggling to survive herself with little resources. She still visits him often but is happy with the opportunities he has been provided in the D2C home.
Darwen loves to dance and is always playing jokes on everyone. He is ten years old and very musical and active.