Devoted to Children Foundation

  • Who We Are

    A registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization focused on supporting the orphaned, abandoned, and enslaved (restavek) children of Cayes Jacmel, Haiti.
  • What We Do

    Meet the immediate needs of the most vulnerable children while working with the community on small self-sustainability projects.
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If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children
~ Mahatma Gandhi

  • Three Pronged Approach

    D2C Family Homes

    The D2C Foundation provides nurturing, long-term homes for orphaned and abandoned children. Children will not be put up for adoption but rather adopted by the D2C Family and brought up in a nurturing environment in their own communities. In addition to care, shelter, nutritious food, and clothing, the children will be provided an education to help support their future.

    Sustainable Community Development

    D2C is dedicated to sustainable community development as part of its three pronged approach. “Healthy Haiti” is aimed at improving health, environmental awareness, stewardship and the overall quality of life experienced by the D2C-Family and their respective communities.

    Children's Yoga Initiative

    The goal of this project is to help the children of Haiti to connect with their bodies, minds and spirits through yoga and meditation. These children have experienced loss, trauma and poverty in their short lifetimes. Through yoga and meditation we believe we can offer these children tools for handling the stress and burdens of their lives as well as help heal those of the past. Yoga and meditation has been proven to help children relax, focus, and get strong in their bodies. We hope to make the practices of yoga and meditation a part of the daily routine in the Cayes Jacmel Orphanage, as well as offering regular group lessons to all the local children.

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