Devoted to Children's mission is to meet the needs of vulnerable children in the village of Cayes Jacmel, Haiti and to provide them with educational opportunities for a better future.
D2C works with the local community to create sustainable and longterm youth-oriented projects that aim to end the cycle of poverty.


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Family Home

D2C provides a long-term home and lifelong family for eight children who were abandoned, orphaned or enslaved.

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Afterschool Tutoring

The program serves more than 100 children from the Cayes Jacmel village, including the eight D2C children.

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New Sewing Life Skills Project!

Over the past couple years D2C has expanded its focus from just meeting today’s immediate needs of children in Haiti to also being more forward thinking in its programmatic approach. Vulnerable children today can easily become vulnerable adults tomorrow, whose children will be born into the same adverse environment they grew up in. The cycle […]